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Whether you are looking for the ability to be more involved in your child’s learning, more flexibility to travel, or you simply desire a Christian-centered curriculum, Faith Christian School’s learning model may be just the thing for your family!

Top Five Reasons Families Choose Faith Christian School

The Distance Education model suits families for a variety of reasons. Five include:

  1. Physical Distance: Faith provides education for many families who live a long way from a day campus.
  2. Unique Learning Abilities: Students who have varying learning challenges may find day campus difficult for them socially, emotionally and academically.
  3. Elite Athletes: Some of our talented Faith students are elite athletes with training and travel needs that don’t suit day school.
  4. Travel & Missionary Work: Faith’s learning model is a good fit for many families who are traveling around Australia and are educating on-the-go.
  5. Short Term Overseas: Some of our families are overseas for short periods of time and use Distance Education to continue their learning.
Distance education
Students abseiling down a mountain at the Faith Christian School Adventure's Guide to Noosa Camp
“The Adventurer’s Guide to Noosa Camp was a great atmosphere, uplifting mood. One of the better camps I’ve been on.” Pieter Esterhuysen, Faith Student
Willow Bonett, Duke of Edinburgh
“The best part of Duke of Ed is the Camps. I highly recommend Duke of Ed as you learn a lot about all different people and yourself.” Willow Bonett, Faith Student
Faith has been an absolute blessing for us as a family, enabling us to take our kids out of 9 to 3 school and bring them with us in our caravan to learn as we journey and travel together as a family on a mission for Christ. We’ve been able to incorporate the learning in the curriculum into our day-to-day living and in the places that we are exploring as we go. It’s flexible, it’s wonderful, and we encourage anyone to join! Sulata Pop, Faith Parent

We know it takes a village.

Faith facilitates a variety of sport, co-curricular activities and workshops so you and your student can connect with other families. At Faith, relationships are key, because we know that it is foundational for educational success. Each day may look different for our families in Distance Education – we have families across the state, in cities, regionally and in remote locations, each with their own needs.

Strengthening Relationships

We know that education begins at home. By strengthening the partnership between school and home, we equip students with the ability to grow personally, academically and most importantly, spiritually, with the support of their families.

Focused on the Future

At Faith Christian School, students can focus on their studies and take part in activities that prepare them for graduation and beyond — without the hassles of uniforms, playground issues, or a daily commute.

Building Resilience & Grit

Our students develop resilience and character through challenging experiences including sports carnivals, local workshops, overnight camps and outdoor education, Duke of Edinburgh award, and school competitions.


Our Regions

Our registered teachers and Pastoral Care Team members provide teaching and general support to our students school-wide and at the regional level.

Teaching and Learning

Faith Christian School of Distance Education’s pedagogical approach is based on a model of the UDL (Universal Design for Learning) approach. This approach allows for high learning expectations to be maintained with a flexible approach that considers the differentiated learning needs of students through multiple means of engagement reflected in the many and varied ways that students learn and communicate that learning.

Teaching is formed from a combination of:

  • Fortnightly conversations either by phone or online via Teams
  • Face-to-face tutoring sessions
  • Group teaching sessions in local libraries
  • Remote one-to-one learning
  • Online lessons (live and pre-recorded allowing for student engagement if they are unable to attend the lesson live)
  • Online tutorial groups
  • Workbooks (produced by Faith Christian School) which guide students through their learning progression with the advantage of a Christian worldview

Teaching and learning is supported by the student’s Personal Learning Plan which is created by the teacher and shared in consultation with the parents. Each student has their own personal plan which has been created in alignment with the Australian curriculum and allows for individual adjustments and differentiation as suits the student’s personal learning needs.

The teaching process is a partnership with the qualified teacher and the Home Educator who facilitates learning in the home context. Part of this process includes mentoring of the Home Educator to upskill them in meeting the educational needs of their children. This is done one-to-one between the teacher and parent, online video tutorials and group mentoring sessions.

Faith-Based Teaching

Our Christian faith unifies our teaching and non-teaching staff with one overall mission: Achieve Through Christ. While our curriculum is based on and is an approved National Curriculum, it is created by Christians and presented with a Christian Worldview.

Personal Learning Plans

As Home Educators, parents have direct influence in their child’s learning. Part of the ongoing communication between school and home is through the Personal Learning Plan (PLP), created for each student, which is an extension of the teacher’s unit plan.

Relationships & Assessments

Teachers connect with students regularly. Diagnostic testing is used to help determine students’ attainment levels and to guide teachers in selecting appropriate support for that student. Teachers work with families who experience test anxiety as required.

A young girl sitting at a wooden desk with her siblings in the background, focusing on their studies with books and papers spread out in front of them.

Enrolments for 2024

We’re accepting enrolments for 2024! Get in touch with our office staff for further information.

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